On Fear, from "All that remains is my window frame", 2021



Laetitia El Hakim was born in Byblos, Lebanon in 1993. She is a multidisciplinary artist who studied Architecture, Photography, and Dance. Laetitia’s practice mainly explores the human experience, moreover the way humans interact with their surroundings. Leaning on her background as an architect she understands the intimate relationship one can establish with one’s land. She is therefore pursuing not only the role the territory plays but also the cultural aspects of what it means, more specifically through the notions of rituals, memories, and history. With photography as her primary medium, she explores socio-political dynamics that affect the way Lebanon and its culture are shaped through an anthropological perspective. Her practice often takes a performative aspect in its execution, oscillating between reality and fiction. She is part of a photographic duo with Tarek Haddad. Their work has been shown in the collective exhibition “Togetherness” at Galerie Tanit, Lebanon in 2021. She was chosen to take part of a residency at Diaphane x Frac-Picardie, France, as part of the program “NAFAS” launched by the Institut Francais du Liban.

Awards and Grants


  • 2021   ·   Artist Support Fund | Haven for Artist
  • 2018   ·   Finalist, Byblos Bank Awards


  • 2020   ·   Bachelor of Arts in Photography (NDU, Lebanon)
  • 2017   ·   Masters in Architecture (USEK, Lebanon)
  • 2015   ·   Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (USEK, Lebanon)
  • 2009   ·   Dancer Certificate in Modern | Contemporary (ASDS, Lebanon)
  • 2008   ·   Dance Teaching Certificate (ASDS, Lebanon)
Solo Exhibitions


Collective Exhibitions


  • Jun - Aug 2021   ·   Togetherness (a stretch of water | Laetitia Hakim & Tarek Haddad), Galerie Tanit, Mar Mkhael, Lebanon
  • Sep 2018   ·   Byblos Bank Awards (Rescued Memory, from "If I Lost it All"), Beirut Art Fair, Lebanon


  • Sep - Dec 2021   ·   Diaphane x FRAC Picardie,France. Laureat of "NAFAS" 100 residencies of Lebanese artists in France a program by the French institute in Lebanon


  • 2020   ·   Loop(H)ole | Collaborator, Lebanon (Dance for film)
  • 2019   ·   7 to the 7th, Lebanon (Site Specific)
  • 2019   ·   Prelude, IDDFL, Lebanon (Dancer | A piece by Beau Hancock)
  • 2018   ·   I Rise, IDDFL, Lebanon (Dancer | A piece by Nadra Assaf)
  • 2018   ·   The Rite of Spring, Lebanon (Dancer | A piece by Sarah Fadel and Christel Farah)
  • 2018   ·   Reverberations, Lebanon (Dancer\Choreographer)
  • 2018   ·   The I in Life, Lebanon (Creator | Dancer with Sarah Fadel)
  • 2017   ·   Gender Equality, IDDFL, Lebanon (Dancer | A Piece by Nadra Assaf)
  • 2017   ·   Am I Who I Am Who Are You Who, Lebanon (Mover | Site Specific Improvisation)
  • 2016   ·   This is How It Happened, Masrah Al Madina, Lebanon (Dancer | Choreographer)
  • 2015   ·   Piece of Mind, Lebanon (Dancer | A dance for film by Sarah Fadel)
  • 2015   ·   Influx, New York, USA (Dancer | A piece by Nadra Assaf and Rain Ross)
  • 2012   ·   STS: Space - Time - Shape, Monnot Theatre, Lebanon (Dancer)
  • 2012   ·   Carnaval de Nice, Nice, France (Dancer)
  • 2010   ·   I Matter: An Audience Interactive Performance, Le Crypte Monnot, Lebanon (Dancer)